Thursday, October 18, 2007

Speed up your Vista

Are you using Vista? I mean are you still waiting for the calculation of how long it will take to move these files. Or you have just clicked Windows Key + E and you are headed directly to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee while your windows explorer decides to popup. OK, while waiting I will tell you a way to speed up the things.

Delete your recent network locations

So as simple as it seems deleting your network locations can improve the performance, especially when you are not part of the listed location any more. How to do the operation. Open My Computer (this process may take time :). Find the network locations group at the bottom of the groups displayed. Delete all of them. Note: selecting all locations (in order to delete them) also can take some time.

P.S.: I'm sure that I did not invented this technique, but hope you will find it useful.

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